#271; Spring in Boston

In pictures! I’ve made an effort to take a lot more pictures this year, as my first year in Boston was sadly lacking in photographic evidence.

And so, because it’s been too long since I’ve written and I’m feeling rusty, a visual representation of my second Spring in Boston.

So far spring has meant my first afternoon at Fenway (care of Chef), two elections (not only am I Chair of GBYD but I’m also proud  to be part of the LGBT Caucus – as the female Bisexual Add-On Seat – on the State Democratic Committee!), the ticking time clock of my office’s Global Conference on Oceans, Climate, & Security, two visits from my favorite girl friend in all of Washington, DC, trips to Maine and Connecticut for family outings, a wedding shower, the births of my niece and my long distance “little sister’s” twins, and nights out for birthdays, celebrations, and catching up. Needless to say, I’m certainly feeling the luckiest lately!

There is still so much to look forward to, though, as we move into summer. Concerts with Chef and friends throughout the state, my birthday in July, the Conference (#fourmoreweeks!), picnics in the Public Gardens, a ton of awesome Greater Boston Young Democrat social events, the Mass Dems State Convention (where I’ll be a Youth Add-On Delegate!), and of course the summer rush for the 2012 Presidential race. So tell me, Lucky Ones, how’s summer shaping up for you?

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