#270; YAY! Let’s be informed!

Life has been a little insane lately. For those of you who don’t run in my circles on facebook, last week I was honored to be elected Chair of the Greater Boston Young Democrats (facebook), our chapter of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts. It’s been an amazing year being involved with their Board (as Secretary and a member of the Organizational Committee) and I can’t say enough about how welcoming and wonderful everyone in YDM and GBYD have been to me. Especially considering my political history!

But, because of this transition, I’ve found myself having less time for some hobbies (blogging, writing, coding…) and inundated with new ones (I’m feeling more informed than ever). Thus I bring you some of the cool things I’ve been inundated with this week. This isn’t a Friday, I’m in Love, rather some things that have caught my eye and made me go “huh, interesting.” I hope they’ll do at least that for you, too!

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