#268; local flair

I’m trying to get more into the Boston blogging scene as a motivation to write more often (my writing over the last few months – fiction & blogging – has sadly come to almost a stand still) and would love to know what Boston blogs you all ready that I should check out. I’m also slowly but surely getting to know the city better (starting with trying to get off the redline every so often – this has resulted in many a great restaurant & wine bar discoveries, which I’m hoping to write more about soon). Besides, I’ve been here a year now, I’d better start at some point, right? And so, I’ll start us off with two such sites:

Chef on a Diet (she’s my best friend, and we all want her to write more often, so obviously she gets a shout out) and Deep Dish & Democrats, a former Bostonian now exploring Chicago and national politics. Both good reads with a lot of potential so check them out, let me know what you think, and leave your favorites in my comments!

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