#265; family reunion fun times

It’s truly amazing to me how the time passes; how people you considered your annoyances, your best friends, and biggest rivals – somehow, over the years – become your family. I’m lucky to have a huge family. On my dad’s side, there are five of us in our generation and now we’ve nearly doubled thanks to marriages, plus they all have little baseball teams of babies. On my mom’s side, there are over a dozen in our generation, now nearly twice that thanks to people partnering off, and I got together with a few of those cousins this weekend in Maine. My cousins even invited aunts and uncles I haven’t seen in years, with nearly 30 of us all in one house for cook outs, photos, and dirt biking (including my boyfriend Piece in his first Maine reunion with us, my parents up from Myrtle Beach, and my aunt who moved to Ohio a few years ago). Check out how the years have changed us…

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