#229; Friday, I’m in love!

I love this time of the week! It’s like everyone wakes up in a better mood no matter the weather, the day ahead, or the sleep the night before. And so, it’s Friday, and I’m in love.

  • Obama’s jobs plan – I’m not the best Democrat in the world, especially when it comes to money & social programs spending, but I think the bill announced last night really is a good combination of both Parties’ ideals and goals and will actually do something to create progress in our industrial economy. Woohoo!
  • The community here at theluckiest.net and on twitter at #theluckiest! In a week of big change and total exhaustion, a month full of grey days, missed opportunities, and cold rain, you have kept me going, inspired me, and made me smile. I’m an incredibly lucky girl!
  • I’m loving all of the media and reflection on Sunday’s anniversary. Yes, I’ll be writing about it here, but there are those out there who bemoan “over-saturation” and claim the media are just sounding off or using the anniversary to gain ratings or make money. Poppycock. All of it. In my opinion what good came from 9/11 was our coming together as a country, as a people, and around the world. This public mourning process in the media is part of that, so let me have all the over-saturation those guys don’t want. I’ll read every article and take a moment for every photo.
  • Everyone and everything on #mhsm on twitter. What an amazing group of people, companies, and non-profits focusing on mental health and Stopping the Stigma!
  • And to leave this on a lighter note: The hypocritical world of the hipster barista. Needs no explanation.
Tell me, this Friday, what are you in love with?

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