#230; wait, what? It’s October?

How is it already nearly that glorious time of year known as NaNoWriMo?

I’ve struggled in recent jaunts, including Camp NaNo this summer, but I’m feeling excited and motivated, and most importantly, inspired!

The official site has just been relaunched, I’ve got my super-loose premise set (see the summary under the jump, I’d love you’re thoughts!), and we’re less than four weeks away!

So, do you NaNo?


And baby I know you got your radio on, so this is my my bad,
come back song.
Meet Leann. Call her Lee, please.Leann Tucker, 22, born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. She moved to Boston when she was 18, for Berklee (styled herself a songwriter) but never applied. Ended up a receptionist and lives in a house in Allston with 5 friends. Spends her free time playing with a guitar & singing karaoke; drinks more than she should. Girl meets boy. Girl wrongs boy. Girl needs to get back to her country roots to win boy back & in doing so becomes a major popular artist. You know the old story, a song, a sincere look, and then the curtain.
Drew Sampson
The CastDrew: The Boy. 28. Musician, Colette’s older brother, works at a coffeeshop to pay the bills, Boston-born. Justin: 30, Lee’s best friend, lawyer, helps her with music & the rest of life, too, loves her like a little sister. Toni & Colette: 26/21, newest housemates, girlfriends, share the fifth bedroom. Gavin: 27, from San Diego, been in Boston 3 years, a trust fund baby writing for a bunch of blogs and smoking a lot of pot. Sean: Joins Gavin in the smoking, 28, office worker downtown, from Dorchester, surprisingly considers himself super religious.
Gavin Morse
Justin Allen
Toni Canning
Colette Sampson
Sean Manson

*Click on the icon for the maker!

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