#228; to battle seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

I love the idea of BATTLING THE SAD (by SAD, of course, I mean seasonal affective disorder, but it still sounds pretty great) and in this sudden turn for the grey, dismal, and freezing here in Boston (seriously, Labor Day hit and it was like the actual, physical end of summer instead of the arbitrary, social end) I seem to be surrounded by SAD (my own included). But SAD is not what we do here at The Luckiest, we do the opposite, and so in my effort to BATTLE THE SAD (I swear, every time I write/read that in caps, it’s He-Man shouting it), I bring you ways to carry a little sunshine and attitude around with you (inspired by the Tips of the Week Wednesday over at The Happiness Project).

↳ I cannot help but hit up tumblr when I’m feeling emo (and no, I’m not secretly fifteen years old). Something about being curled up cozy, checking out awesome homemade art and fell0w Harry Potter obsessed crazies just cheers me up. And if that doesn’t work? I can always take my mind off the SAD by practicing some graphic design of my own. Also, reading celeb sighting sites (Just Jared and GoFugYourself being my favorites) or advice columns (you should all be reading Dear Wendy, she’s brilliant and fun).

↳ It sounds silly, but spending a rainy afternoon watching Family Guy/Archer/The Simpsons/Bob’s Burgers/American Dad (so many silly-fantastic cartoons out there these days!) re-runs always does the trick. Hulu is a beautiful thing. If cartoons aren’t your thing, youtube some =3 or old school Steve Martin stand up.

↳ Putting my favorite Broadway/show-tunes on, loud, and dancing around our bedroom singing along. Uh, yeah. This. (You can’t be in a bad mood singing La Vie Boheme or You Gotta Get a Gimmick).

↳ Going for a run. Or, if I’m at work, I hit one of the back stairwells and run up and down a few flights of stairs. It gets my blood pumping, warms me up (I’m a cold person, nearly always), wakes me up, and gets me out of my desk chair for a few minutes!

↳ Call a long distance friend. Someone you have hilarious inside jokes with and haven’t seen in months (someone who’s voice makes you grin, because it’s not the same via facebook!). Get some belly-holding, rolling on the floor laughing in rehashing ridiculous nights out, catching up on the insanity of your current lives, and remind yourself that there are people out there who love you, and whom you love. I can’t imagine feeling blue when that’s at the forefront of my mind.

Tell me: What do you do to BATTLE THE SAD?

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