#141; hummingbird heartbeat

I feel myself slowly but surely getting comfortable in this new skin, this almost-not-quite-Limbo, and so I’ve decided it’s time to work on some new goals. I moved to SoVA planning to get healthy, take a deep breath (well, as deep as a chain smoker can, anyway), and take stock. I wanted to see what life was like outside the Beltway. And boy have I gotten what I asked for. It’s been almost exactly 3 months since I took off and I find myself reverting to an old autumn tradition of mine even in the midst of so much change: the my-very-own-new-year resolutions.

I don’t know that I’ve debated politics since I got here, with the exception of running into an ardent Ron Paul supporter in VA Beach a few weeks ago. I don’t think I’ve once said to myself “goodness, there’s so much I should be doing right now” instead of just sitting back and relaxing for a moment. I have not once regretted a nap. These are all good things in my book (The “757-Tina” Book, shall we say), though I’ve still got work to do, so here we go. What are your fall resolutions? As the leaves change, will you?

♥ As every year around this time, I vow to participate in NaNoWriMo, and hopefully this year win for the first time since 2006. I find myself inspired & excited in my new environment, completely in love with all of the characters rattling around in my head, and so I’m confident this year.

♥ I must learn to better keep in touch. With my life & loved ones now spread not only up and down the east coast but west too (Hi Stefy!), I really need to take better advantage of my obsession with social media to keep in touch. Facebook is more than a random wall post aggregator; Twitter is more than OMG!MUSIC & interesting articles. My Blackberry is my third arm, I should actually use it to speak to people sometimes! I’ve always been good about calling my parents or emailing work contacts, but when was the last time I really took stock of how my long distance friendships are going?

♥ As always, I must have more music in my life. Is there any such thing as too much? Recently, thanks to friends I’ve made here on the Peninsula, I’ve learned about a genre I’d never touched before: electronic. How someone as crazy about a good beat as I am never touched EDM before, I really don’t know but I suddenly can’t get enough house, dub-step, and even trance (which truly surprises me!). Learning about DJs and producers is also giving me a better look at aspects of the music industry I never thought to check out, and I’m loving it. Music has always been the pulse I’ve lived by, and I’m determined to deepen my appreciation and my expertise.

♥ I want to learn to be more bold, about my writing, my passions, my goals in life, and my ambition. I’ve learned over the years to hide behind a bravado, the professional side of life. I’m untouchable in a suit that’s like armor in so many ways. But there is so much more that I love that I have put aside, and I don’t want to do that anymore. A good friend has shown me that I’ve lost my way a bit. I’m ready to reclaim that path of mine. I want to expand the fiction section of this site, and I’m planning to attempt (that being the key word here) participating in some local open mic poetry nights. I’m horrified at the idea of reading my stuff out loud, to an audience (hell, to the bathroom mirror), but I know what I need to do to get over my fears. Face them.

That is really always the point of these resolutions. I have fears, even while floating in Limbo, even while pretending reality isn’t all that it is: so I set goals, baby steps, to face my fears and come out stronger. Ask yourself – will you take up the challenge set by the turning leaves?

(photo courtesy of: icanread // tumblr)

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