#136; Limbo needs your help

Blogoverse! I need your help!

By the end of this October (most likely on 10/23/2010) I am planning to take my GRE (finally). I’m terrified and have quite literally procrastinated this for over five years. Five years. I’m only 26; let’s consider this… I’ve been putting off taking this exam for 1/5th of my life. I’m beyond anxious and petrified of this exam, even if I’m not totally sure why.

So here’s where the ‘OH EM GEE I NEED HELP!1!1!’ comes in. I have a study guide, I have the time, but I need the butt-whippings that only my lovely friends and tweeps can provide me over the next two and a half months. Anyone game to help me stay motivated?

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