#128; whispers from the grave

I was looking through some old blog entries tonight – from The View from Dupont, my first DC blog – and came across the following… How appropriate…

I moved to Dupont because it seemed to be the one place in this city that people can be themselves. As a community we’re generally professionals and doing well for ourselves, but there are art galleries and dance clubs and bars and a bustling creative community of people who enjoy all different groups and lifestyles. However, I’ve noticed more and more that even Dupont has this city’s sense of… propriety. I’m a writer, a dancer, a bohemian, and open to just about anything, and I find more and more that this city hates people like that. *sigh* If only I had started over in a different place years ago, would I still be feeling this way there? Where ever “there” might have been? I’m not sure, but now that my life and loves all are based here, I find it hard to imagine just leaving, which is something in my heart I wish I had the courage to do.

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