#127; in search of myself: fashion

As I’m letting Limbo take full hold of me, I’m focusing on using this time to get a better idea of what I like, what I want, and who I am. Part of that is getting a better grip on my own style, and today I had the joy of shopping at Goodwill with my Mom (Mama Limbo) for the first time ever! That field trip got me thinking, and I’ve decided that I absolutely love some of this season’s styles; the ease of the looks, the bright colors (though the cool colors of turquiose and tuscany are a bit too breezy for me). I spent the afternoon checking out some of the top looks, most evident trends, and fashion mags for looks that I love, and then translated that to a tight budget (considering my lack of employment of any sort on this self-finding quest of mine). So tell me, what are you really into this summer? What’s your favorite part about beachwear or flip flops or little dresses? My picks are after the jump!


  • I’ve always been one for simply jewelry choices; I stick to silver, generally just a single chain necklace that has a simple cross on it (I’ve worn this necklace almost exclusively for over 7 years now), no bracelets or watches or rings… But I’m a sucker for a layered look when it’s done right. Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl does this flawlessly, but I like it a little bit easier than designer individual pieces. This season’s cascade necklace from Urban Outfitters does all of this! One piece compared to lots to achieve the same look? I’m in.
  • For the most part, other than layering or business attire, I’m a simple fare sort of girl, so t-shirts are a must for me. My style in the past has lent itself entirely to band t-shirts, but with a lack of great music venues in rural South Carolina, and without knowing the landscape of VA Beach, I figured I had to branch out. For someone as small as me, v-necks and scoop necks are tons of fun and I’ve loved seeing them on starlets and in the discount section this year.
  • Organic materials are taking over the world… I became a fan of the stuff over at Treehugger a few years ago when I started trying to live green, but at the time to buy bamboo clothing was to live in a socioeconomic stratosphere that I’ve never breached. Nowadays, you can get organic cotton dresses in cute cuts and easy styles from even Wal-Mart.
  • While I was on the campaign, I learned the virtue of a good pair of heels. Hours on your feet, greeting donors, and there’s no option to sit down for even a moment. I got some very good advice regarding feet from a woman I admire who’s been in the game for a while and her advice was this: get a good heel. That’s what I’m so glad for the obsessions with vintage, thick, chic heels this year. Urban Outfitters has some great suede heels with good support and high edges that I really think would be comfortable even for a long day and night of meetings and events.
  • One style of mine that’s stuck around since I was a kid, the comfort of baby doll sundresses. They come and go as a trend, but I always have a deep stock of H&M sundresses waiting for the first hint of spring. They’re back this year! I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning, learning that I got every gift I listed for Santa.
  • Other favorites this year are jumpersstrappy sandalsstripes on everything and anything, one piece tiers (they’re form fitting without beingtoo much so), and any big flouncy floral prints. As long as it’s easy, comfortable, good in heat (because I had my first taste of truly southern summer today) — I’m happy. I think I’m far less D.C. black suits and briefcases than I would have guessed before this, but I’m getting used to surprising myself.


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