#119; I could drink a case of you

I’m listening to Joni Mitchell today, because her bluesy, unorthodox perspectives on love, family, and life are just right for me right now. I find myself, more often than not, in a thoughtful mood as of late. This is not my Summer norm, or, really, any kind of norm for me, but I’m enjoying it. I feel like I’m feeling out Limbo for all it’s possibility, trying to smile more and scrunch my forehead less.

In pursuit – or perhaps, practice? – of this new point of view, I took a couple days off from the campaign trail last week and spent them with visiting friends from the Rural North (where I spent my first 18 years). Seeing them for the first time in 5+ years was heart-stopping in itself, but having the wonderful time with them that I did? I don’t know that words will work, and so I’ll say it with pictures. First, my thoughts on the new ideal, and photos & lessons from my ‘vacation’ right here in D.C. after the jump.

Thing the First — There is so much more to life than work, first of all. I was happier & healthier for those 3 days than I have been in months. Not just work-wise but life-wise. I ate better (and without complaint!), slept soundly, laughed freely, walked miles upon miles and didn’t feel half dead thanks to it… I shed this stress that I’ve worn so heavily for so long, and all it took was a familiar smile.

I need to be healthy like this more often; not necessarily taking work off to do so, but I need to find that balance in life. I’ve never been particularly good at it, and D.C. certainly doesn’t lend itself any sort of work/life balance; but I’ve seen the light and I’m determined now.

Thing’s I Learned on Staycation —

– There are some friends you just can’t live without (even for just 3 days).
– Being a tourist is a quick & fun way to learn about the city you live in.
– It is completely necessary to have as many “mom’s” as possible in this life.
– 2 Military men sitting at a bar together forget everyone else in the room – all shop talk & nothing else.
– “Philosopher’s” drive me up the wall, and not in a good way.
– I’m a history dork at the heart of all of my dork-ery.
– People can surprise you no matter how long you’ve known them.
– When I’m not working, my smoking intake cuts from 20 cigs a day to 3 cigs a day.
– Some inside jokes will never die.
– Facebook is the answer to everything. Ever.
– You can always go home again.
– Stopping to smell the roses is the best idea since sliced bread.

As always, I only include pictures of things & myself just in case anyone would rather there not be pictures of them floating around in Google cache forever…

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