#118; grateful for little things (& awesome happy hours)

Life has been more stressful than usual these days, the joy of taking on an entirely new and daunting endeavor, I suppose. However, I’m learning to savor the little things instead of worrying about the big picture that I have no control over. It’s a process, I’ll admit. But here are some little things:

♥  kind words from my boss to a room full of people I admire.
♥  plans in the works for the 2010 Capital Pride celebration!
♥  discovering new trendy restaurants to make my own.
♥  the warm weather finally coming back to D.C.
♥  being given the opportunity to speak to a group of empowered, successful women today.
♥  the new friends I’ve made on this crazy path so far.
♥  having people who will stick up for you.
♥  my Twitter lists.
♥  software that works and makes life so much easier.
♥  last but note least – an amazing happy hour this coming Monday; seriously, it may be for my job but that’s not why I’m so excited: drink specials, a great LGBT crowd, and one of my favorite bars in the District!

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