#081; she’s a little bit dizzy these days…

Let’s see, Limbo’s had her head in the clouds as of late, but I’m working on bringing my feet back to solid ground and diving in head long (without the aid of my usual dose of 1+pack of nicotine a day, thanks to a new round of bronchitis and strict instructions that my “trying to quite smoking” must become “have already quit” as soon as is humanly possible).

In the meantime: couple of things I’m currently obsessed with and something new & exciting in the works!

  • DC’s comedy set has a new kid on the block to check out for. Well, 10 of them, to be more specific. In the best showcase I’ve seen in DC in ages, Recessions has opened it’s doors on Wednesday nights to WayneMan comedy and his rotating group of local and national stand up comics, ComedyX10. New faces – local radio personalities – and standards (Seaton Smith showed up last minute and brought the house down with some of the best bits I’ve seen him do, and I’ve seen him probably half a dozen times now). The crowd was thick, rolling along with every punch the ten (12, actually, for the first night) were throwing and by the end of the night, the DJ taking over, we couldn’t believe it was nearly 11. ComedyX10 is back this week, Wednesday 8-10pm (free admission) and with great food and drink hitting just the right mix of sit-down show/hopping bar, so be sure to check it out.
  • Umm… The Coachella line-up was announced. Please say someone wants to do a ridiculous road-trip/vacation/something/anything to get us East coast peeps out there for this three day festival of AWESOME. Tickets go on sale this week, I feel an early Feb purchase coming on… is anyone in?
  • Coming up at At Limbo we’re going to be releasing (exclusively! How cool is that?!) Adrian Hardkor Krygowski’s cover of the Pinky & the Brain theme song from this month’s Spelling for Bees Collective at Velvet Lounge. Adrian took the slightly creepy song and gave it a ‘hardkor’ (haha) make-over, turning out what seemed to be the favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon theme song of the week (SfB’s theme for January, naturally).

Okay, that’s it for me this lunch break, at least I got this much together, right?! Really would love suggestions for concentration, online to do lists, and any other “let’s get Limbo through yet another week of being sick and miserable” tricks and treats you might have! This afternoon I’ll have up a preview of IOTA’s massive Haiti relief benefit concert with such At Limbo favorites (plus at least a dozen others!) as Rene Moffatt, Derek Evry, and No Second Troy.

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