#073; the creativity of Young Republicans

So far, in my brave attempt to have some great ideas for my 2010 resolutions (which I’m asking for help on!) the two suggestions that have caught my eye have both come from fellow DCYRs.

  1. Your resolution could be to stop keeping resolutions. It would be a glorious paradox that you can’t lose with.
  2. New Years Resolution #1: Spend more time with sexy YRs.

I say you guys continue sending ideas my way (just a couple more days!) and in the meantime, I will try to find one helluva dress for the big night, instead of worrying about pesky things like possibly-life-changing goals.

(PS. I attempted to have my 2009, best/favorite/worst of, graphics-like-woah post finished tonight, but I’ve been at it for four hours, and it will simply have to be tomorrow’s project. Any great End of the Oughts posts I should check out? Leave them in the comments for inspiration! And so I go to sleep, defeated)…

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