#057; a somewhat midterm check in

At the beginning of October, I embarked on a somewhat laid back ‘change some things about my life before the new year’ adventure. I wanted to enter 2010 in a much better place than coming into 2009 saw me, and I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job so far, but a public gut check is never a bad thing, so here we go.

Goal #1; Focus on my health more acutely. Thanks to having been struck down with one helluvan ear infection which then took over my brain/body for about a month (I’m still battling it a bit, to be honest), I have certainly focused more on my health in the last month and half. I have been forced to take nights off from live music, been spending more time attempting sleep, having to eat better (chicken soup for the win, completely). Orange juice has been a diet constant. Through it all, I know I’m not ‘feeling’ better because of the lingering cold, but I’m still aware of how doing better things for my body is only going to be good for me in the end; it’ll eventually feel great!

Goal #2; Branch out musically. I have! I’ve moved from almost exclusively seeing shows at IOTA to checking out Galaxy Hut, the Kennedy Center, Jammin’ Java, coffee houses all over the city, and of course, the web. In the last month or so I’ve checked out amazing free style, falling in lust with DC-rapper Wale’s national debut “Attention Deficit”, gotten to dance the night away to a thumping bluegrass jam band, spent an entire afternoon surrounded by Joni Mitchell albums, and rediscovered my love for country western and opera. I’d say I’m on the right track.

Goal #3; Trim down what I own. I fail. With the move coming up, I keep saying “as I’m unpacking, I’ll go through everything” but that sort of defeats the propose of trimming things down so that moving is easier. Oy.

Goal #4; Win NaNoWriMo. I’m working on it for the next two weeks!

Goal #5; Lastly, I will get back to my roots. I have jumped back into the delicious world of campaign politics as if door knocking were my air. I volunteered on both the Christie and McDonnell campaigns and couldn’t get enough election coverage straight up until the last ballot was cast and the winners were announced. It feels wonderful. It feels like coming home. It’s the reason I came to DC 8 years ago and I’m so grateful to be involved again, I don’t plan on walking away this time! Oh yeah, and it helps that we won!

As for entering 2010 in a better place, I’d say I’m right on track. With a move into a new house I feel as if I’m physically coming out of a somewhat… for lack of a better word emo… state. Moving out of the basement, into the sunshine, if I want to be very poetic about it. This can only be a good thing. I’m taking off the kid gloves, taking trips to brand new places, taking more time to simply appreciate my friends & family, and really excited about having heat in my bedroom for the first time in a year… Yes, 2009 has been a year of transition, and I’ll be ending it with one more. I’m almost ready for the holiday season, folks. This list’s butt is mine to kick.

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