#34; I got soul, I’m not a soldier

Some upkeep…

I owe a review of the talent-packed and unbelievable evening of The Nine @ Nine (at which I got introduced to the fantastic music of Brooks Wood, which hasn’t left my Zune all week, and re-introduced to the beautiful voice of one Rene Moffatt). Also a new feature: my ‘Must See’ list which will be posted every week. I’m thinking Wednesdays, thoughts?

In the meantime, this little black-haired, blue-eyed extrovert (yes, went dark with the hair, summer’s over, after all) will be dancing away the last of DC’s humidity at Asylum tonight, at the Cake & Kisses party with dcrap, Cheap in DC, and friends. So, who wants to play with the cool kids tonight? The long weekend starts now, you know you don’t wanna miss it!

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