#037; things I’m loving right now

Author’s Note: Before we get to the regularly scheduled sarcasm and the squealing, I’ll start with saying simply that this day is one to be recognized in whatever way a person feels is best. Eight years ago seemed to be a deeply personal experience globally. I do hope that you’ve had your chance – if you wanted one – to have some peace today, and my heart goes to those who lost loved ones on that day. Never forget. Never again.

*Gasp* Is this a non-music post? Am I, for once, not pimping out some show or venue or obsession? I do believe it’s true. Then again, perhaps it’s the End of Days? In all seriousness though, this weekend is looking to be one of show-free, sleeping in, housemate bonding bliss thanks to my having people in town (from Houston), my fingers itching to get some guitar practice in, and a basement that desperately needs a fresh coat of paint (or two, and some serious cleaning, as well). So I am without tickets, without happy hours, and actually very excited about both of these things. Tonight is church (a tradition for me, she who generally has to work on 9/11, to have a bit of quiet and reflection on this day) and then uninterrupted rest and relaxation that may even come in the form of all-out sleep. And watching the pilot of the new ‘Melrose Place’.

Anyway, here are some quick hits of things I’m absolutely digging right now:

– USC Trojan football (kick Ohio’s ass tomorrow!)
– Gucci’s latest line of handbags
– Unplugging from Twitter & my Blackberry for hours on end
– My fingers still feeling numb/pins&needles from my first guitar lesson last night (post about all the humiliating hilarity coming soon!)
– The stress relief and giggle inducing People of Wal-Mart
– The encouraging and inspiring Free Pursuits
– The absolute genius (and slightly heartbroken) You Know it’s Over When.

All right folks, that might be just about it from me for the week; don’t forget to leave great show tips, reviews, or shout outs for me!

Best Regards,
from limbo

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