#156; it snowed tonight

…And made me miss Winter in Washington, D.C. So I started thinking about things I miss up there and was surprised to find that Mass at St. Matt’s is one of them. I think tomorrow I’ll get up early and go to Church.

#154; to be missing

Another excerpt from what I’m working on. This one just stuck out to me… My heart is heavy with a decision I made on a whim. I didn’t realize that saying goodbye to this place would be saying goodbye to my history here. The past doesn’t come with us, not when every one of us... Continue Reading →

#150; District Sweet District

I’m blogging, as we speak, from the porch of my best friends in this world. Aubrilee & CaptainCourage have taken us in for the nigh.t and I couldn’t be happier. I’m home! I’m in Petworth! Green Line! Porch sitting! Best friends! I’ll be back in the 757 by tomorrow night, but until then, this girl... Continue Reading →

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