#321; reflections on Camp Nanowrimo

Adam Landry is a romcom novelist based in Myrtle Beach, SC. With a degree in Creative Writing from LSU and the urging of the Myrtle Beach Writers Group, he’s decided to try his hand at blogging. I’m so excited to have his very first post as a Guest Post here on atlimbo.net! ~ Tina July’s CampNaNo has officially come to a close… With that comes … Continue reading #321; reflections on Camp Nanowrimo

(312) ❝ T-Minus 24-hours ❞

We’re a day out from Nanowrimo! We’ve already had a fabulous meet and greet/wind up event here in Myrtle Beach (hosted by our local public library), and my outline is ready to go! I am definitely itching to get started, and have spent the last week trying to keep my typing fingers busy so as not to start before the midnight kick off tomorrow. As … Continue reading (312) ❝ T-Minus 24-hours ❞

(311) ❝Tis the Season!❞

It’s that wonderful time of year! Yes, that’s write, it’s nearly National Novel Writing Month! Here’s a taste of what I’ve got cooking up for 2017, and you can follow along for the whole crazy 50,000 words at Me & You, a side-project blog I’ve started to keep me busy till midnight on the 1st. Manda Connor is our somewhat bruised and battered heroine. She … Continue reading (311) ❝Tis the Season!❞