#359 — words that matter

I am not back from my hiatus, but I couldn’t let the occasion pass without marking it. I am 4 days from saying “I do,” and today I wrote my vows (yes, of course, we wrote our own).

Y’all, writing your wedding vows is HARD! It’s also one of the best things I feel I’ve ever done in my life (whether or not they came out awesome is a totally different story!). I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with this man and I promise to try not to totally spam you all with wedding pictures after this Saturday!

8.8.2020 ❤️

Published by tmstanton

A #nerd for TV, fandom, politics, music, & the #WritingCommunity. Slytherin. Rebel Scum. ESTP-A. I put the B in LGBTQ.

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