№335 ❛Notes on a Meet-Cute❜

My 2019 Nanowrimo project involves two political enemies finding themselves falling more and more in love with each other – against their better judgment! I’ve never written enemies-to-lovers, and with this story spanning the continental U.S., I knew I needed to reach out to my many awesome writing communities to get the plotting and planning rolling. I’m lucky enough to know some incredible writers from around globe and they did not disappoint!

I specifically asked (to start out with) for help brainstorming some impossibly adorable meet-cute situations that might be possible for two gorgeous young adults criss-crossing the country on the campaign trail. This started a bunch of conversations that helped me better develop both of my main characters (love it when brainstorming spirals like that!) and it turns out they’re much more dynamic than I imagined as I begin plotting. Anyway, before I digress (too much) here’s some of my favorites.

• They just barely miss the same train/bus and get stuck at the station waiting for the next one.
• They run into each other at a local sightseeing spot or novelty shop – it turns out they have some obscure unexpected interest in common and both use their limited time off to go peruse gas station snowglobes/local farmstands/town museums!
• Meeting at a 24-hour convenience store late at night, both dressed in “lounging around the house” clothes, looking more vulnerable and profoundly human than they normally do: messy hair, no concealer on their eye-bags, pajama pants, buying Secret Cigarettes/five hour energies/embarrassing candy/gross energy drinks/etc.
• A caffeine run is probably a must on the campaign trail, plus if one person isn’t their best before that morning cup of joe while the other person is more put together, bonus points if someone spills a beverage!
• When in doubt… Stuck in an elevator!
• Laundromat! Maybe they spill coffee on each other and then next run into each other getting their clothes laundered!

I have a list a mile long thanks to nanowrimo.org and the unofficial National Novel Writing Month subreddit, I think Chris and Mila are well on their way to lots of awkward meetings and maybe even ending up together!

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