#301; ok 2013, we’ve gotta have words

2012 was a banner year for me. I had some incredible professional successes – no biggie, just meeting the Secretary of the Navy & the Governor, helping to get Elizabeth Warren (pictured) elected to the US Senate, I was elected Chair of the Greater Boston Young Democrats and Bisexual Female Seat on the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. I had some great personal moments – I surprised my parents for their 55th birthday in South Carolina, saw the very last Rocky Horror in Harvard Sq, joined my extended family for a very rare reunion in Maine, met Ron Pope, met Vintage Trouble, saw so many amazing concerts (Kelly Clarkson for the win!), started a monthly tradition that still lives in Venting & Vino (politicos of the Young Dems persuasion meet up in Dorchester once a month for lots of wine and whining!), and Piece & I celebrated our first year in Boston and ten years since our first date back at American U. President Obama was re-elected! I spent my election season fighting for amazing LGBTQ champions in the State House. I shaved my head for the first time. Yeah, 2012 was an awesome year. 2013 had a lot to live up to, but even by modest standards, I feel that it’s let me down.

I’ve had pneumonia, been attacked, was unemployed for three months, have gotten my first root canal, and have seen my city home attacked in a vicious, terrifying, public way. There have been bright spots – the Young Dems have hosted some great events, the Walk for Hunger was an incredible experience for a great cause, my new job is everything I could have hoped for and more – but overall it’s starting to feel like 2013 owes me.

So, here it is, my wish list for this summer, as I reclaim my passions and build an adventure or two:

  • More theater! I’d like to say at least one play a month. April & May have been good for theater as is (seeing shows at A.R.T. and indie shows throughout the city) and I have tickets for three shows later this month already!
  • More road trips! Bestie Kat & I have a few trips planned as we head into the hotter months: Western MA, Maine, and a later-in-the-year cruise to the Bahamas. Piece & I are headed out of town to celebrate Mothers Day (and his father’s 60th birthday!) in Connecticut this weekend, I’m hoping to hit up Greenwich CT for Memorial Day (with an old friend from DC), and two weeks later I’m going to West Virginia with the Young Democrats of America (for my first YDA conference).
  • 46d7c284b5c911e2809922000ae911bb_7Last weekend I did the Walk for Hunger, walking 20 miles on behalf of raising money for families in need throughout Boston and beyond. I haven’t done anything physical like that since I was a dancer (back in high school) and my knees were not happy with me. I have to say, though, it felt amazing. I actually did all twenty miles. I earned every penny that I raised. Despite the pain, I want to do it again next year. This weekend, thought, I also learned a lesson: I’m woefully out of shape, not because of my smoking habit, not because of my age, not because I had to give up dancing. I’m out of shape because I don’t do anything to stay in shape! I’m going to fix that: I’m going to start walking more often in this beautiful city. I’m going to go jogging. I’m going to buy sneakers that are actually made for this sort of thing. I’m even excited to do it. Motivation and good energy are powerful feelings, and I’m taking advantage.

2013, you’ve got a tall order, and I know I need to work with you, but throw me a bone, give me a chance to get my act together, and let’s do this summer right, yeah?

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