#298; Boston Strong

I’ve avoided writing since the events at the 117th Boston Marathon here in Copley Square. However, I wanted to share some sobering and uplifting words from my boss, Abe Rybeck, on the emotion, confusion, and opportunity of this moment in our beloved city.
All my love, Limbo

Friends and family of The Theater Offensive: OUT in Your Neighborhood & True Colors Out Youth Theater:

Thank you for the notes of concern we’ve received about The Theater Offensive’s well-being after the explosions that occurred steps from our office on Monday, April 15. Since being evacuated minutes later, we have not had access to our office until a brief visit today.

Our entire team is safe, but deeply shaken. Our office overlooks the finish line, one block from the site of the first explosion on Boylston Street – and many from our community were there to celebrate the Marathon. Despite the awful loss of lives and other casualties, all of The Theater Offensive folks were unharmed. Our hearts go out to all those around us who were damaged in this tragedy.

As I write this, Managing Director Adrian Budhu and I just fought our way through a barrage of reporters to visit our Boylston Street office in the “crime scene perimeter” for the first time in eight days. We were relieved to learn that there is no structural damage and it looks like we can return to our offices on Wednesday.

Right now we are experiencing the crushing pain and loss that comes with bloodshed. It’s reminded us that victims of violence in our city’s neighborhoods – and around the world-have to deal with these tough emotions every day. We commit to breaking this cycle of fear and retribution.

So on this day when we have finally regained access to our home, we also renew and strengthen our OUT’hood commitment. We will work with our neighbors to create community-based artwork that builds liberation, justice, and a non-violent movement against all oppression.

As you may know, Adrian is an experienced marathon runner and the organizer of The Theater Offensive’s Team OUTrun for the Boston Marathon. He and teammate Ozzie Paredes are uninjured. Adrian says of his experience: “Although I didn’t get to cross the finish line this year, I do plan on running again next year. I run in memory of Martin Richard of Dorchester and all of the other victims. I will train harder, run faster, and I will make sure the heart and soul of the Boston Marathon lives on stronger than ever. And, I will not let the evil that happened on Monday dissuade me from anything less.”

Thank you again for the kind messages we’ve received and for your warm thoughts. We also thank  The Boston Foundation, who has provided us with working space while we are without our office. Thank you all even more for the work you do every day to overcome this kind of horror with the power of peaceful creation. This is an emotional, complex time for all of us, but our work continues and our appreciation of our city home is unending. As the investigation unfolds throughout Boston, we are confident we will soon be back in our Copley office at the Community Church of Boston. We will keep the community updated about such developments via our facebook and twitter pages.

Big thanks, warm hugs, and lots of love,
– Abe and the entire TTO Family

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