#289; musings from bed

Minds out of the gutter! I’ve spent the week sick in bed. Today I finally got back to work after a doctor-imposed house arrest, only to have the day cut short thanks to the snowstorm. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of random, sleepy musing over the last few days!

After two months of unemployment, the last thing you want is to be kept home from your glorious, salaried job. I thought the cabin fever of January was bad, but yesterday saw me scrubbing our kitchen in my bathrobe despite barely being able to stand. I needed something to do! I had already gone through all my data entry projects for work, had g-chatted my boss up the wall asking for things to do, and had done all of the website updating I could stand before going cross-eyed. With the cat keeping me company (she’s not much of a conversationalist, unfortunately) and Netflix burning it’s way through Family Guy on television, I could only stay in bed for so long. I even did my taxes.

And so, what did I think about when my to do list was finished and I gave up trying to clean? Well, I thought about summertime, and how ready I am for it. I thought about my latest original fiction project, and how I really should spend more time on it when I’m coherent. I thought about much lung infections actually hurt, even if I did get to the doctor and catch it before it developed into pneumonia. I thought about how much I can’t stand Seth MacFarlane and his women-hating ilk (though I do love his outspoken support for LGBT rights), despite completely loving his cartoons and forking over money via Netflix on a daily basis. I ranted to friends on facebook about my tax bill this year.

Basically, I’ve been sitting home all week running circles around myself in my own mind. I’m not one for stasis, I think. What do you find yourself cooking up when you’re stuck home? This winter we’ve had lots of snowed in days here in Dorchester and it’s made me wonder – what is it like inside everyone else’s heads on days like that?

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