#275; round & round she goes – where she stops, nobody knows!

Even though the weather would have you believe differently, Summer is in full swing here in Boston, with a bunch of my favorite events having taken place just these past couple of weeks.

I’ve had the pleasure of diving into Summer and the coming elections all at once! With parades in Dorchester and downtown (celebrating Boston Pride 2012!), two conventions (other than my own conference), and Greater Boston Young Dems just warming up – this year is already a scorcher!

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ok, I’ll give up on my half-assed attempt at cliche. But! The language I use to describe it doesn’t change the fact that this month’s been a blast.  Check out under the jump for some fun photos from my political adventures and more on what this Summer’s got in store.So far I’ve had the incredible honor of meeting the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, MA Governor Deval Patrick, Rep. Carl Sciortino and many other members of our incredible state legislature, and US Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren (and her awesome family!). I’ve spent my days surrounded by the best minds in modern oceanography, my evenings hitting the pavement (and the phones) for candidates and causes I believe in.

It’s during seasons like this (despite all my Summer allergies) that I feel my absolute best. I feel more energy, better enthusiasm, and more like myself than any other time of the year (or the political cycle). Something about engaging the electorate, knocking on doors to have real face to face conversations with my neighbors (something that’s considered so strange and only part of a marketing process nowadays; I find that sad!), and how it all feels just a little bit old fashioned just fits me.

There’s still a lot I want to do (beyond seeing Obama and Warren elected in November!) this year, like attending a live screening of The X-Factor with Chef, finishing the two novels I’ve got going now, checking out new restaurants and bars with Piece, and potentially heading to Ocean City, MD with Aubs and the rest of the PPM Crew from DC. I’ve to say, though, at its half way point, 2012 has been one beautiful ride.

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