#259; catching up & catching breath

Somewhere between politics and entertainment, I feel as my voice got a bit drowned out around here, and seeing as I’m on a self-improvement kick, I’ve decided to rededicate myself to writing.

I started last week with revamping The Luckiest’s facebook presence, focusing more on person-to-person contact on twitter, and making sure to keep my Project 365 updated as we get further in the year. “What does any of this have to do with writing?” – you might be asking.

Firstly, I’m a social writer. Between the amazing friends I’ve made over the years in real life thanks to my literary habits and the fantastic support groups we’ve built onlineLiterary abandon is more fun when your friends are along for the ride (hell, what kind of abandon isn’t?). Beyond the social aspects, I think in terms of organization. Just this morning I told a friend that I’ve no clue what I would do without the organizational tools in my life! And I spent this weekend commiserating with my bestie, Chef on a Diet, who is convinced she ‘caught’ OCD from me.

It was the conversation with Chef that got me going, to be honest… I noticed this weekend – between finally fitting into jeans that are a size up (this is a good thing!), planning out what I’m going to cook for the week, and scrubbing our bathtub – that I’m making some really good life decisions lately. You know those awful life decisions that don’t actually affect your life? Having another shot, wearing the totally uncomfortable heals out for a night on the town when flats would have been just fine, letting that date who had spinach in his teeth kiss you goodnight? Those are Awful Life Decisions that can add up to give you a really bad week. Really Good Life Decisions (RGLD), on the other hand, are making yourself a good influence on yourself. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour, eating lots of veggies, cutting back on smoking and drinking, uncluttering your life, sucking it up and just mopping the damned kitchen already, organizing your bookshelves. Last night, I even took the advice of Unfuck Your Habitat (obviously NSFW), and unfucked my morning. I got everything ready that I needed to, had lunch ready to grab, and I got an extra ten minutes of sleep this morning!

It’s little things, like wanting to pick up French again, and having the time to read really good books because I’m finally making the time. It’s keeping track of my schedule to better balance Greater Boston Young Dems, a burgeoning social life, a relationship, a full time job, and other life obligations (time to write? family trips? saving money? what?).

So, that’s what I’ve been upto lately. Tonight I’m excited to be making calls for Jeff Ross for Democratic State Committee for the Second Suffolk Senate District and tomorrow I’m definitely getting out a voting. I’ve been reaching out to friends, making plans, keeping plans (what a concept!), and I’m feeling better. It’s difficult sometimes to find the energy to handle real life – between a to do list as long as my arm and psychological diagnoses that make simply getting out of bed impossible some days – but I feel like I’m making the right RGLD and that I’m on the right path.

How’s your 2012 going so far? How are those goals from two months ago? Has your new year energy stuck around? Do you need a do over? Let me know, and let’s see how we can be good influences on each other as we go forward!

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