#252; Friday I’m in Love | online edition

Do you remember how when the internet was beginning to be a big thing to the average consumer, there was always an “online edition”? Like, seminars and educational courses had someone interactive components (that usually came with a CD!) that were labeled the “online edition”? I’ve been enjoying a bit of nostalgia lately (apparently 90’s nostalgia has been a thing for a while now) and so, I bring you, the online edition of Friday I’m in Love.

→ Web Design! At work we’re completely updating/re-doing/content overhauling one of our major web pages. I have had the joy of coding until my eyes were crossed for the last 70 hours or so. It’s been an incredibly high! In what little free time I’ve had, I’ve also finally settled on a theme (with original design and touches by myself, of course) that I’m completely in love with right here at theluckiest. What do you think?

→ Speaking of – I’m lovin’ getting to dork out about such things with new friends/acquaintances that are just as into web design as I am. Between co-workers, people I’ve met throughout the city, and lots of coding-inclined Young Democrats, I’m awash in talk of languages, tags, and aesthetics, and I’m loving it.

photo by offthesidelineskg | flickr→ Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s Off the Sidelines online book club: the club chooses a book roughly every two months and is launching next month! The Senator will discuss social, gendered, and modern political issues (with both men and women!) through Facebook chat and streaming video, connecting with her campaign, her constituents, and political nerds like myself. If you’re into political punditry, policy know how, and awesome women – you should absolutely sign up and join me.

→ My newest Spotify playlist (I think I might end up listing one of these every weekBecause we’re all Disney princesses). Who doesn’t need more joy, laughter, true love, fairy tales, and triumph in their life?!

→ Last but certainly not least, Boyfriend Piece and I got the Kindle App for our HP Touchpad last week and I am obsessed. First of all, the Touchpad cost us half what the Kindle Fire costs and has a lot more functionality. I have access to all of my Amazon ebook purchases via WhisperSync with an incredibly quick reaction time, and I can even use the app to ‘borrow’ library e-loans. From what I’ve seen there was frustration when the Touchpad first came out because the app wasn’t yet available. But it being released in July and me not getting my Touchpad until December worked out wonderfully for us! I haven’t had a single problem with the app yet and I’ve read more in the last week than I have in ages. Definitely something to love.

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