#250; the year of doing things

Last week I wrote about my ‘sort of Resolution’ to cut toxic people out of my life. Later that I night I had a few drinks with those friends who enrich my life in ways I can’t even count and who are helping me through a rough time here in Boston. After the first round of Jäger bombs, we labeled such friends “Crayolas” (beause they’re like the non-toxic crayons, which made a lot more sense to me when we came up with it), and the title’s stuck. And so, with the Crayolas (I really want to start a band called that, btw), I’ve resolved to have an awesome year. I’ve resolved to try something Boston-based best friend Kat is called the Game Plan of Conversion. Because neither of us make New Years resolutions, we’ve got the Game Plan. Mine involves taking advantage of Boston and spending as much time with the Crayolas (and Boyfriend Piece, of course) as possible.

It started with drinks the other night. Then last night I has a great time catching up with the Greater Boston Young Dems, made some new acquaintances, and made sure to get the ball rolling on having dinner and/or drinks with people I don’t see nearly enough of. There are also plans in the works for another karaoke night, two weekend trips north (one to Kat’s family and one to my own), a dip party (thrown by other friends), a Bond movie marathon (thrown by yours truly), and a Pirate tour. Of course, this all already planned out.

This year I want more picnics, more lazy Saturdays. I want to actually walk the Freedom Trail, without ending up at Beantown Pub and missing the whole rest of the tour. I want to go to a baseball game (how have I been here for almost a year without seeing the Red Sox yet?!) and finally make it out to the museums (I haven’t been to the Boston museums since I was a kid). I want to go out to the Cape at some point, I haven’t been in years.

I want to read more books this year and see more movies (thankfully Kat and I have resolved to that one together). I want to save money and pay off more and more of my debt. I want to be debt free, if not this year, soon. I want to tour the campuses at Harvard and MIT, just because they’re so gorgeous. I want to go watch the Head of the Charles Regatta, and stay awake through the whole Boston Marathon this year.

What do you want to do this year? How is 2012 going to be your year of doing things?

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