#232: Friday I’m in Love: with writing, insanity, & #nanowrimo

You do know by now that all of my posts this time of year revolve around fiction writing, novels, writers I adore, and the mother-ship – NaNoWriMo – right? Well, if you didn’t by now, let this serve as your warning.

This year I’m trying something a little bit different and keeping my NaNo tweets to my blog twitter (@theluckiestnet) – this way I’ll save my normal twitter followers (@atlimbo) from the onslaught. Thoughts? Suggestions? I’ve never split tweets before (that sounds very strange), so I’d love advice!

And now, inspired by the countdown – we start on Tuesday! – and this post over at Julie Writes, I’m using this week’s Friday I’m in Love to tell you ten reasons I’m in love with National Novel Writing Month!

  1. You have full permission to live off of Twizzlers/pizza/coffee/the caffeine of your choice for 30 days.
  2. The forums are full of also-insane, possibly-multiple-personality-disorder having creatives, just like you!
  3. No plot? No problem!
  4. Junk food & microwave burritos become a main food group.
  5. Write ins, parties, and 24-hour marathons are great places to meet new friends.
  6. The Office of Letters & Light goes out and gets awesome authors to write us email pep talks throughout the month!
  7. It’s the only novel writing experience I’ve ever had that comes with cheerleaders.
  8. Anything goes, but you’d better include pirates, ninjas, dragons, and Starbucks.
  9. Inside jokes become their own language, no matter how many months or how many miles separate you from your fellow NaNo-ers.
  10. There is nothing like crossing that finish line.

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