#222; can I get an ‘oof’ from the crowd?

Let me just say this week has been a rough one so far. Here’s hoping working today will take my mind off of the awful morning I’ve had and how sick I continue to feel. Can I ask, how do you all take your minds off of feeling sick/being sick or feeling too tired to function? Eight hours of sleep certainly hasn’t done the job! My tweets from this morning so far:

Worst part of a #bipolar down (to me at least) is how it screws w your sleep/energy. Wanna sleep for 20 hrs but I’m on the bus to work.

Missed my effing bus stop & got all the way to Yawkey before I noticed. Can we just say FML and give up on today already?

Got off the bus just in time to get very sick. Awesome. Anyone know how to call in sick of you’ve already arrived?

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