#207; friday I’m in love (with bloggers)

→ First things first, my new writer!crush? Julie Klausner. Because she wrote this book. And this article on Jezebel. “The larger issue is that it is a lot easier for men – or even guys or bros – to demean us, if we’re girls. It’s much harder to bring down a woman, or to call her a moron, when she’s not in pigtails and Ring Pops.” That is teaching self-respect.

→ Dakota Fanning showing young Hollywood how to do it right (then again, hasn’t she been doing that since she was, what, 7? Rock on, girl).

→ All things Boston, hockey, Massachusetts, championship-like, and black & gold.

→ Reading blogs like ThoughtCatalog feeling very, very grateful that I’m finally emerging from my quarter life crisis, comfortable in my own skin, settled into my own heart and mind, and no longer ‘too cool’ as a jaded hipster child trapped in an adult’s body. Granted, it’s still fun to read.

→ “I don’t know about you chaps, but I’m known by my face around here.” – Christopher Hitchens (with whom I don’t often agree), writing for Slate Magazine about the Anthony Weiner scandel & eventual resignation. Tells an awesome British anecdote.

→ And once again from the brilliance that is Jezebel, wonderful news coming from the military (for once!) – a bill has just been put forth that would open up insurance & abortion access to women who are either in the military or dependent upon it. Woohoo! Good luck to everyone fighting for its passage!

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