#202; youth & politics look good together

Watching Mitt Romney’s announcement today of his running for President got me thinking — where are all the crushworthy candidates? Where is a Bill Clinton for my mom to swoon over? Who will cause a scandel with their $400 haircut? Would we ever want to see any of these candidates frolicking on the beach like Obama?

Honestly? No. I do not want to think about what Mitt Romney looks like in swim trunks, no matter how much I appreciate the man’s fiscal policy. And face it, Sarah Palin may have rocked the bathing suit pagaent circut at one point, but I doubt we’re going to see her strutting down the run way any time soon being that she’s super-conservative these days.

And so, of this curiosity, this list was born: the next generation of poltically involved, somewhat dyanstic cuties. What do you think? Anyone I’ve missed? (list is in no particular order and Party/affiliation didn’t particularly matter!)

** You’ve been warned, fyi, of the complete ridiculousness to follow. Vapid fan-girling, harmless crushing, and behavior worthy only of giggling and possibly shaking your head are sure to be included. Feel free to join me, if you like, or you can explain this away with an air of seriousness I simply don’t possess today. Either way, warning of total silliness officially declared. **

First up, the Romney brood – all boys, all classically good looking (all married young?) and super motivated/involved. Oh yeah, and all Mormon. But we don’t discriminate here at The Luckiest, so maybe it’s just hot they believe in anything at all!

Megan McCain – I have friends on both sides of the aisle with full blown crushes on her. She’s sharp as all get out, gorgeous, brazen, and stands up for herself and her beliefs no matter who tries to knock her down. What more is there to ask for? Oh yeah, how about being an incredibly successful blogger and author in her own right?

Rep. Anthony Weiner, and yes, I thought he was awesome (his hashtags are The Best On Twitter, I’m convinced) before there were possible pictures of his under-roos on the internet. The Representative from NY is charismatic in a dorky sort of way, incredibly passionate and witty about his chosen issues, and seems to have a lot of fun with life – this sort of humor and outlook would turn most interested heads without even mentioning his striking New York good looks and youth.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be a list about young/good looking DC without including the youngest member of the US HouseAaron Schock. I’m still always surprised when people point out he’s a Republican, but I guess the Party I’ve called my own all these years has to have done something right in the looks department to have survived this long, right? Because we don’t want to admit it, but attraction and star quality have a lot to do with voter turnout and the ability to win. And the man has like 14 abs. It’s clearly at least 2 six packs.

Kirsten Gillibrand from NY was a surprising progressive to come out of a generally centrist-conservative US House District when she took over Hillary Clinton’s spot in the Senate, but she hasn’t let that stop her. I love how she carries herself – her simple, timeless style with pinstriped suits, a variety of colors, and impeccable blond hair is only complimented ten fold by her self-assurance and brilliant smile. One for the win column here, folks. The woman’s been photographed by Vogue. That really just tells me all I need to know.

Speaking of NY (dude, if this list has anything to say about it – NY is doing something right, is it in the political drinking water there to just be hot?!), I miss Harold Ford Jr. He is just so freaking goodlooking. I mean it. Look him up. I don’t care your type (he’s not really mine) or your Party – he’s just got something. I’d love to see him jump back into politics in some capacity because he always seemed to genuinely love it and it just isn’t nearly as fun watching C-SPAN when everyone looks like Newt!

Just like including Rep. Schock, as a somewhat-former-Young-Republican, I can’t make a list of political cuties without including George P. Bush. I remember thinking he was the most elibible bacherlor in the entire world (sorry Harry & Will) when I was in high school and college. He’s got his father’s politics & his mother’s looks, one of the most dynastic family bloodlines in US history (I’d say the Bush’s are second to only the Kennedy’s?), and has stayed out of a lot of the family drama (something I find highly attractive!). I remember me and my girlfriends feeling betrayed and awestruck on his wedding day (you’d think he was a Jonas Brother and we were all 13, but alas, we were not, why am I admitting this?).

So, what do you think? Senator’s daughters, President’s nephews, and a hell of an impressive body of legislature – how are we doing with the attraction-factor in US politics? I promise – every single one of these politicos has a lot more to offer than their charm and looks, but when you get both substance and aesthetics, what’s wrong with that? 🙂

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