#146; what a difference a year makes… A Guest Post

The following is theluckiest.net’s very first guest post! I couldn’t resist asking my dear friend T.Scotty to put together a piece on this topic after we’d gotten into a long discussion via Facebook. Life certainly does move fast, and I’m grateful and proud to say that T.Scotty is one of my companions on the road… With that, I’ll let him take it away.

What a difference a year makes…

Life is funny and sad and crazy and amazing and devastating and it’s the only way to live.

Today I saw a picture of three of my friends. This picture was taken sometime last year when we all were living in DC, and true to the transient nature of the area all three have since left the city. One to BAHston, one to SoVa, one to LaLa Land. And it just reminded me how much has changed both in me and around me.

But really this isn’t about me. It’s about how life is. How you can meet people randomly in a bar, or at a cookout, or singing Karaoke at a bar after a cookout, and how in a relatively short period of time they can become like family. For a while you see them almost everyday then, poof, one day you realize that they are all gone. It almost makes you wonder “was it real?” “did that really happen?” “did we really have those amazing cool, crazy times, or was it all just an alcohol induced dream?” Then you see a picture, or someone reminds you of an inside joke, or maybe you happen to catch up with one of them randomly at a bar or rushing through an airport.

The thing is this, life is filled with random encounters, friends who become lovers and lovers who become strangers but it’s all part of this wondrous thing called life that we have the amazing privilege to experience. I recently saw another old picture of someone I once spent time with and thought: “WTH happened?!? What was I thinking?!?” But the fact is that every single day is filled with tiny decisions, some good, some bad, some tragic, but they all make us into the people we were supposed to be. We can never change the past, nor should we want to. Because every day, every moment, every second, every instant that we feel happiness, every joyous event that we experience might never have come to be, if it weren’t for the choices, the mistakes, the painful nights of agony we survived praying for the night to be over. It is these things that make us, mold us, strengthen us and point us in directions we never would have chosen on our own.

This is why we reminisce. We look back and laugh at the times we cried and cry at the times we laughed, but hopefully with happy tears. Tears of joy that come from a life well lived.

Live life, and live it out loud!

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