#145; my very own gin & tonic

I’ve been feeling pretty hard on myself lately, so I thought this was a good opportunity to take stock. Everyone has quirks or attributes of themselves that they particularly like and I think it’s important to remind ourselves of those things from time to time. Tell me, what do you love that is uniquely you? Homework assignment! Here’s mine:

♥ I love that I easily make friends & expand social circles. This isn’t something that’s just mine, especially as I learned from the best, but there’s something about the way we always did it that certainly feels just us and so I stake my claim on it as the Southern liaison of the Petworth Crew up in DC. Along with this is the fact that I’m not someone who cares what kind of bar we’re at, what kind of crowd we have, the music in the air – if we’re there, the party’s there, and we try to get everyone else having just a good a time as we are, too!

♥ If I’m honest, I’ll say I don’t like much about my physical appearance – I’m not my type, what can I say? But there are little things. My tattoos. My hips. My strange smile (it’s not quite straight and not quite full enough, but I like that).

♥ I’m obsessed, and I wouldn’t put a damper on my excitability for anything in the world (I did once, that never goes well). Harry Potter, music, vampire romances, bad movies, road trips, freedom, and feeling things too deeply. The characters that speak to me in clear voices everyday. I dance around a lot, and shout profanities when I’ve won even the smallest victory, I like giving high fives and hugs. No matter how down I’m feeling inside, outside I am shining and loud and inappropriate a lot of the time and I truly wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. Propriety is overrated, decorum is boring, and if you can’t rock out to a song you love coming on the radio, what’s the point in loving it at all?

New Feature! At the end of every post I’m going to highlight what I’m listening to on any given day – don’t forget to add your suggestions to my new section: The MusicListening @ Limbo — been listening to a ton of Augustana to match the weather (rainy, gray, warm though, heartening). Currently totally obsessed with the fact that Sam Sparro & Basement Jaxx got together, as described in awesome detail over at Deck A Deck B.

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