#138; like a lovesick crackhead

My current musical obsessions are all over the place, and in an attempt to make sense of them, I’d love your thoughts! Yup, it’s a Listening in Limbo post, which I haven’t made since… January… So let me know – what are you obsessed with? Flashback retro? Blues? Justin Bieber? I’m admitting my guilty pleasures here, so you be sure to, too!

1. Ke$ha; Your Love is My Drug – When I’m on the road, there is nothing like this song, I really don’t know why. The video is completely cracked-out (forgive the pun), but the song itself is catchy, tells a fun story, and gets you belting along while you’re zooming down the highway in the beating sun.

2. Usher; OMG – Perhaps it’s the club environment and the talented DJs I’m spending so much of my time with lately, but there is nothing like a good beat hitting you and just going with it. This song is a popular, fun, versatile example of that and so I can’t get enough!

3. Augustana; Boston – I found this band thanks to last.fm and their song “Fire” – I cannot express my love for them enough. My selections over the last two months (especially with my melancholy mood thanks to the move & the upheaval) has been built almost exclusively of Dan Layus’s heartwrecking voice.

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