#104; something a little stronger than before

I am finally getting back on my feet from my fall a week ago! I don’t look nearly like a prize fighter anymore, and the migraines from having one’s face rearranged by a wooden staircase have almost subsided. Yay! To celebrate, and because the DCYRs are wonderful and offered me a chance to volunteer, I’m going to be at tonight’s Lincoln/Douglass Dinner, the DC GOP’s big annual shindig! After that, I plan to head home and dig into some awesome new music care of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel, aka She & Him. The duo released their second album – Volume 2 – today and I was glad to see a spot on review of the band’s work in this morning’s Washington Post Express.

What made me so glad about this particular review? It made a point of discussing the difference in Deschanel’s confidence levels, which is the only thing about their debut album, Volume 1, that grated on my nerves in anyway. Knowing that she’s grown into herself as a singer and songwriter gets me so excited to hear their newest effort. So check out the review, pick up the album, and let me know what you think (I’ll be doing the same)!

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