#089; sometimes you want to appreciate DC for its DC-ness

I often find that being a music-dork and hipster takes over my life. Why in the world would I want to do anything else when there’s a live show somewhere on U St./in Arlington/out in VA/right here downtown? When I can see someone I’ve seen a hundred times because I just love that music that much or check out some great new underground DJ from Manhattan at a hole in the wall in Georgetown? The feel of singing along, dancing until my knees feel like jelly, meeting people who are just as insane as I am (day jobs? Yeah, we got ’em, so what? 2 hours of sleep is plenty…) – that’s what drives me most days. But then there are the other days.

The days that bring a big foreign poobah to the District and I get to drink coffee over fascinating lectures. Days that bring hobnobbing happy hours and strict suits, when no one in the room knows or dares to ask if I have tattoos. I moved to DC years ago because of those days, because of the rush I get from a great campaign trip or how good it feels to make a phone call on behalf of a candidate and hear the enthusiasm on the other end of the line. These days are few and far between lately (though I did create a little bit of one myself last night, but checking out the lounge-esque happy hour at Current. Great eel nigiri, by the way).

And so, when a dear friend told me about a fundraiser she’s working on, I jumped at the chance to check the event out. Silent auctions for golf days and lunch dates with DC Council members, an open bar, free food, and all the elbow rubbing and photo opportunities you can handle!

Held at the Twelve Restaurant & Lounge (which just looks truly delicious), the event goes for two hours and for a donation of $25 (to the Ward 7 non-profit College & Career Connections group**) I know I’m excited to put on a cute suit (naturally!) and meet the likes of Chair Vincent Gray and Council members Kwame and Michael Brown (who are both participating in the silent auction!). Face it, you know you want to come out, especially considering the awesome cause it supports and the Valentine’s theme (what better way to spend a lonely, bitter holiday than doing some good with fabulous people?). Details on the event, and CCC (provided by a friend of mine who sent me the media advisory, so it’s ‘official’ for once!), all follow. And feel free to spend the word!

DATE: Thursday, February 11, 2010
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Program to begin at 7:15.
PLACE: Twelve Restaurant & Lounge – 1123 H Street, NE

**College and Career Connections is a local nonprofit serving Washington, DC’s Wards 7 and 8. Since 2007, CCC has engaged over 1,000 8th and 9th grade students in interactive workshops, and college and workplace visits that connect their current interests and education with college and career options. In a community where only one in twenty students will graduate college, CCC both inspires students to envision college in their future, and informs them of the concrete steps they need to take now to achieve that future. Please visit www.collegeandcareerconnections.org for more information.

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