#048; back into the groove of things

I took a few days off from the show-circuit; allowed myself to quite literally float in limbo for a weekend. I slept very little, caught up with far flung friends, did my part on the campaigns I believe in, and hunkered down for some ‘me’ time.

It being Monday, however, I’m excited to jump back into life with both feet, starting this evening with a great showcase at one of my favorite “we’re just gonna chill out, have good food, and listen to some awesome music” restaurants in the city, Dahlak (18th and U – show starts at 8pm!). I plan on eating a lot of Ethiopian food tonight, but that’s not what I’m reallylooking forward to.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to see Techniquelle (aka Joanne Kim) play in the singer/songwriters showcase at the 1771 U St. hang out, having had her beautiful song “Lullaby for One” stuck in my head for days now. Joanne’s a talented lyricist (the real way to my heart any day!) and her vocals have a clarity and honesty to them that resonates beautifully with her simple guitar and synthesized drum beat arrangements.

If you’ve nothing planned for tonight, take this chance to have an evening filled with good food, great people, and music that soothes while also breaking your heart just a little bit.

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