#046; What is your happy place?

Everyone needs some place they can just be, right? Somewhere that they’re entirely themselves, no masks, no falsehoods, to acts to put on. I’ve come to realize over the years that I’ve got a couple of these: the open road, a movie theater, a book store. The best of them all though?

Standing in a crowd – or, hell, with four other interested fans – listening to people do what they love, dancing the way I want to dance, singing along if I feel like it. I can be completely alone there and never be happier in my life. All of these places: I can revel in my loneliness and finally – for a moment – embrace who I really am. It’s freeing and beautiful and I feel blessed to spend as much time in that state as I do. Like tonight at Jammin’ Java. I’ll be surrounded by good friends, listening to Idea Track and Justin Trawick Group take hold of the house, and able to truly get away from it all.

What are you happy places? Are they physical or psychological? Do you use techniques to bring yourself there or just take a walk/drive? How do they affect you? I’d love to know more.

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