#014; I thought April showers brought May flowers? This is just more…


I am tired and cranky today and nothing seems to be capable of making that better. I’m not sure why. It’s been a chill day, and after getting over an awful fever at the end of last week, I had a nice weekend. I think I’ve decided to blame it on the weather. This rain and the gray, cold clouds that have accompanied it haven’t let up in DC for days. And they’re supposed to stick around until this coming Sunday. I’m powerless to battle them and their cranky-making ways.
Which brings me here, to ask you: what do you do when the weather is just too strong a foe? How do you enjoy the rainy days of spring without going stir crazy or driving your roommates up the wall? I can’t think straight to work on grad school applications these days, and work research can only hold a caffeine-addled mind for so long after the work day is over. So help me out, cyberspace, what’ve you got up your sleeves?

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