#009; Snapping out of it

“The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” – Alexander Chalmers

As I’ve looked back on my last entry, and Spring has finally sprung, I’ve tried to come to terms with those things that I’ll actually be able to accomplish this year and beyond. This weekend was spent enjoying Easter with friends and family, including bringing the whole lot to St Matthew’s Cathedral for a beautiful Mass. I enjoy doing things like that, and such activities leave me feeling lighter, happier, and overall more hopeful.Which is why I’m writing. Hope. It’s such a cliche these days, to use the word at all induces cringing in those who can’t care less about politics or about liberals. And yet, I find myself filled with the feeling lately. A feeling of ‘better things to come’ and ‘today will be a good day’ and a desire to smile at complete strangers on the walk to work. What has caused this? Is it allergy medication getting to my head? Perhaps Petworth has something in the water? I reality, I blame Msgr. Jameson of St. Matt’s. I entered Church with a feeling of trepidation. I hadn’t been since Ash Wednesday, hadn’t done my Lenten confession (not to mention had NOT succeeded at Lent)… I tend to go to Mass when I need that feeling of release and comfort. And so here I was, in my Easter dress (lavender colored), surrounded by loved ones, and I could hardly breath for my discomfort. Would people recognize me as someone who only shows up every so often? What would they preach about? And then Msgr. Jameson gave a homily about the renewal of Easter – the rising from the dead both religiously and personally – and how Spring can be a reminder to us all of that renewal, that baptism in hope.

I came out of Church feeling much better about many things than I had going in and today in the news I was reminded more than once to smile, to snap out of the Winter haze, and make my own positivity. I’m working on it. This week I have three projects and much work to look forward to, but I also have a book club meeting on Thursday, a visit from my family to plan, and the possibility of a free Flaming Lips concert this weekend to celebrate Earth Day. I’d say, this hope thing has it’s merits.

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