#004; the clutter of everyday life

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Einstein

The clutter of everyday life has me perplexed (and, yes, scattered) today. I can’t seem to think straight or to organize my actions. I’ve seen a million SEO-marketer/graphic designer/office assistant during the day/social networking guru posts lately about how one goes about organizing such clutter. Delicious, listing sites, twitter applications, iPhones, websites that let you see your facebook, twitter, myspace, and plurk all in one place. These all cross section, of course. I guess in some ways I’m guilty of this too – using my twitter to feed my facebook, my blog to elaborate on all of the 140-microblogging I do, and locked sites to really vent. I’ve had profiles at myspace (thankfully deleted), Good Reads (seemed pointless), SecondLife (isn’t one life hard enough to deal with?), IMDB, webshots, and picassa… There are entire web communities dedicated to organizing your very own collection of hex codes and color charts (colourlovers, they call themselves). To think that all of this time, I’ve been trying all of these sites to try and further organize my life! They did the opposite!

All I want is something not-necessarily idiot proof, something that allows me to collect what I actually want to keep (not links to articles I will no doubt forget about in a weeks time *cough* digg & delicious *cough*), perhaps converse with others (not in forums where 13 year olds are learning the intricacies of cyber-bullying and not via my own long winded book reviews that no one will read).

And so, I come to you, the great unknown, and ask – how do you organize your life? Do you use websites, PDAs, google? Do you keep organization to the physical world’s clutter and ignore the rest? On this day that I am cold and sleepy and completely unable to get my head on straight, the advice would be more than welcome!

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