№322 ❛where the hell did 2018 go?❜

No, seriously, have you seen any of the last twelve months? Because I for sure misplaced the last year of my life. I may have forgotten or sped by many wonderful days here in 2018 (who would have known we’d have invented time travel by now and not even realize we did it?), I do indeed remember that this has been an amazing year that has – collectively – changed my life in immeasurable ways.

And so! Coming soon here at atlimbo.net will be my usual End-Of-Year-Favorites posts (Music! Movies! Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi Romances! Reality TV!), as well as some reflection and projection and lots and lots of hopefulness.

Are you feeling like this year went by faster than others? How do we combat that? How do we get our time back? Anyone have a working time machine I could borrow?

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