(305) What’s next?

If you’ve been asking yourself “what’s next?” since the Presidential Election (and I don’t blame you if haven’t – we’ve all needed to grieve and move on in our own ways)  – here’s a list of orgs that could use your time, your network, and your money:

NAACP & NAACP Legal Defense Fundkeep-calm-and-fight-back-75
Planned Parenthood
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Southern Poverty Law Center
Voto Latino
National Center for Transgender Equality
Standing Rock
Council on American-Islamic Relations – CAIR

I have personally worked with and/or donated to most of these organizations over the years. Another suggestion for those of you that live in solidly Blue States (I’m looking at you, Boston & DC) – pick a Red State (South Carolina comes to mind of course, but there are other options like Texas, Florida, Ohio, Louisiana, Virginia…) and start contributing (financially) to their State Democratic Party. Pick a Planned Parenthood in a conservative city and make a monthly contribution. Reach out to a southern- or Red State based- Democrat/Liberal/Progressive friend and ask them how you can help in their neck of the woods. Reach out beyond your local Blue Bubble, because in these areas your individual contributions can make a much larger impact.

If you want to keep your money closer to home and would rather focus on your community than the national movement – look into women & family shelters, look for LGBTQ youth shelters, check out domestic violence groups and local POC leadership orgs (contact your local #BlackLivesMatter chapter!); go volunteer at your neighborhood elementary school. Give your time in your own neighborhood to those who need it most, not the Democrats who are perfectly safe in their Blue Seat in Congress, or the Mayor who’s been Mayor for forty years.

If you need help getting started and have any questions, please feel free to message me.


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