#317; my 2013 playlist, part 2

So here I am again with the last of my playlist for 2013. Of course I listened to a lot more music than this. Some old favorites came back up and some albums that I never thought I’d get into made my year. Once against I ask: Am I totally wrong? Did I miss anything incredible? Let me know in the comments & on facebook.

☆ ALPINES: Empire — I found Alpines in a bit of an embarrassing way. My 2013 fall TV guilty pleasure is CW’s Reign, the soapy take on Mary Queen of Scots, which is ridiculous and soapy and incredible. But the music on this show. My gods, the music. The CW is nearly always pitch perfect in its music choices. which was something I loved about Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries even after the shows lacked punch. Alpines’ “Empire” showed up in the pilot and left me dreaming and angry and totally in love from the first chords.

☆ LORDE: The Love Club EP — I don’t care what anyone says about Lorde, about her attitude or her age, “Royals” is a fucking incredible song. The arrangement, the lyrics, the lush sound; it is fucking incredible. Enough said.

☆ BETTY WHO: The Movement — Betty Who’s “Somebody Loves You” became a viral hit this year and I’m so grateful! Not only was the video totally delightful, but the song as infectious. The rest of the album is the same, in it’s own different awesome way, and I can’t wait for more.

☆ JAY-Z: Magna Carta… Holy Grail — I love Jay Z. Always have. And I love Timbaland. And when they do amazing work together? OH MY HOLY HELL. “Holy Grail”, “Oceans”, “Heaven”, “Versus”. There is literally not a track on this record that I don’t completely love. Give me more. Give me more Jay Z & Timbaland together, as it always has been and always should be.

☆ TEGAN & SARA: Heartthrob — The pure fun and thoughtfulness of this collection is unparalleled. I’ve loved T&S since “Where does the Good Go” and this album is another step in their progression as artists. It’s smooth, it’s got wonderful production and writing, and they sound amazing. “Closer” was a big hit for them, and well deserved, but the rest of the disc was just as good. My favorites are “I couldn’t be your friend” & “I’m Not your Hero” but the whole thing is imminently listenable and relatable.

☆ FRANK OCEAN: Orange — When Frank Ocean hit the mainsteam, as a fluid, smooth, incredible writer and spot-on musician (and rapper), I could not stop listening to this. Every track is perfection, the instrumentals, the stories told – it’s all so good. Favorite tracks are “Thinkin About You”, “Lost”, “White”, and “Bad Religion”.

MORE NOTABLE ALBUMS: BEYONCE: Beyoncé, ED SHEERAN: +, SARA BAREILLES: The Blessed Unrest, VARIOUS: Pitch Perfect Soundtrack, PINK: The Truth About Love, MUMFORD & SONS: Babel, and NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS: Push the Sky Away.

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