#244; I can has kittehs?

I’ve recently been told by web designer and friend Bakshi that I don’t have nearly enough cats here in Limbo. And so, because we hang out at The Luckiest to celebrate life’s awesomesauce, I bring you cats! And my favorite cat blogs! And pictures of my cat, Starbuck! She’s grumpy most of the time, so let’s just focus on the cute cat blogs, right? What are you favorites? Leave me links! And of course, pictures of your own little kitty cuddlies!


which is Limbo and which is kitteh?

Rather obviously, no interwebz/kitteh list would be complete without the mother of all cats-on-the-internet website. The original of LolCats (and no, being a meme on 4chan does not mean it’s got a home, if you trust Wikipedia’s history of the LolCat): I can has Cheezburger. I’ve been following I Can Has since the site was only a couple of months old, starting with the Lolrus Bucket Saga back in early 2007, and I checked it daily for a laugh for quite a while. As the community grew and the site changed, I found myself reading it less (mostly thanks to it’s load times), but I still find myself there once every could of weeks for a giggle and a grin. In honor of the season, here’s what I would call My Current Lolcat.

Tumblr is always a wealth of information when it comes to memes, animated gifs, and silly little joys, and so of course there’s a Tumblr called Fuck Yeah! Cats!

Recently I discovered (I believe through an adoption site) the blog called Love, Meow, which focuses on daily adorableness without being saccharine. I’ve never been a fan of blogs like Cute Overload, but Love, Meow tells stories about adopted animals, advertises great animal organizations, and works with charity!

And here are pictures of Starbuck!

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