#240; Friday I’m in Love

I find myself struggling to count my blessings this week. Work has taken on a demanding life of it’s own, my family is holding on to hope as my grandmother was hospitalized just after Thanksgiving, many of my friends are going through very real personal trials, and my confidence and self-assurance have taken major nosedives thanks to all of this.

I figure, there is no better time to focus on the Love in my daily life than when I’m feeling kicked while I’m down. So here you go, it’s Friday, and I’m in Love.

→ Everything that Nicki Minaj touches. Girl is gold. Her voice, her spitfire, her style, her pure confidence. I need more of all of that in my life. Been listening to Pink Friday non-stop all week, hoping to up my own badass, awesome chick levels.

This emotional, heartbroken playlist.

→ Party Planning: I think maybe it’s my calling in life (I’ve always kind of thought that, but lately it’s been loud & clear). Between the Greater Boston Young Democrats’ Holiday Party (December 14th, in Dorchester, you should all be there, obvi), a massive science conference (May 2012!), an office holiday luncheon, and a brainstorming potluck hosted at my apartment this weekend, I’m knee deep in party planning these days, and really I’m okay with that.

→ The term #UFSI, which I found on Thought Catalog. I am #UFSI these days.

State Rep Alice Wolf, who cares about women and youth and the elderly and took the time this week to speak with the Young Dems of Mass Women’s Caucus. Chick is inspiring, brilliant, and generous.

State Rep Carolyn Dykema, who took the time this week to spend an evening with the Women’s Bar Association and the Mass Women’s Political Caucus, telling us her story of being a woman on the campaign trail and, now, a woman legislator. She was gracious, funny, and so down to earth, it was a privilege to hear her story in her words.

→ My interns and our new office. Yes, my “department” (events, communications, development, of which I am technically – and really, I suppose – in charge of) has it’s own office now. And my interns have been there for me this week, helping me keep work straight, listening to me when I need to vent, and being kind, understanding human beings as I try to sort through my stress and hardships. I really am blessed to have them on staff!

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