#197; Taste of the Week Nº8 – Seth Meyers

On top of just being incredibly easy on the eyes (do you see that smile?!), SNL’s front man Seth Meyers is – needless to say – one of the funniest celebs out there. He’s also – if his White House Correspondents Dinner schtick has anything to say about it – completely brilliant and down to earth, as well as being politically active and passionate about his causes. Oh, and did I mention he’s a Red Sox and Celtics fanLike, a hardcore fan.

Born and raised in New Hampshire (roughly half an hour from your very own Atlimbo – how did I not know this back then?!) he’s still close with his family (including little brother Josh Meyers of MadTV) and graduated with honors from Northwestern. He’s also known as a comic book and computer dork… *swoon*

Super smart, hilarious, too cute for words, great taste in sports, and awesome New England upbringing? What more is there to love in a man? Thus, this week’s Taste is the funny man of the hour. When do we get him as the lead in a big budget rom-com?

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