#192; friday I’m in love – NYC & London edition

This past week, I’ve finally succumbed to so much.

To sleeping when I’m tired (I remember the glory days of ‘I’m 21, I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ with real longing sometimes). To the chemicals in my brain. To the fact that I need to schedule – on my calendar – times to call friends and family who aren’t in Boston because if I don’t, it just won’t make it into my day. I have even gotten myself one of those hipster photo apps.

And so, it seemed only natural that I would succumb to some of the trends sweeping the world, and I did, almost gladly (with a tinge of hipster self-loathing, of course). This week’s Friday I’m in Love contains a lot of cliche, just to warn you.

→ I’m not much of an Anglophile (though I like British music and Harry Potter a ton), and my idea of an awesome old Monarchy to be obsessed with is the Court of Alexandra and Nicholas II of pre-Revolution Russia, but I have been guilty of lurking on celebrity blogs all week to check out news about William & Kate’s wedding. And so, this week, I’m obviously in love with the future King and Queen-Consort-To-Be. And London. Because how cool would it be to be at the Abbey next week? Possibly not cool enough to go on a hunger strike, though. And the Vanity Fair coverage of Charles/Di vs. William/Kateis kind of awesome.

→ This week I discovered n+1, and it’s love at first sight for the Brooklyn literary mag and I. I’m planning an Autumn wedding in NYC, naturally. The website is stuffed with awesome literary fiction and research on genre lit, Brooklyn history, and general awesome-ness, and the 11th issue (Spring 2011) was just published! Go get your Park Slope fill from wherever you may be lusting after brownstones.

→ Continuing with the “NY mags I heart theme” — I’m completely obsessed with Vanity Fair in general these days. A topless Rob Lowe on the cover? Their London coverage. The website is amazing. The most thoughtful and beautiful piece about Tim Hetherington’s life and death that I’ve read yet? I’ve even taken to buying it monthly and might consider an old school subscription. Someone get me Conde Nast on the phone, they’ve clearly stolen my soul.

So what are you into this week? It’s Friday! Let’s be in love.

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